Give your best friend the care they deserve

Veterinary care delivered in your home

A Better Way To Care For Your Pets

No scary clinics

Relax, kickback and let our licensed vets come to you on your schedule. Great pet health starts in the home, no clinics necessary!  

Costs are clear and simple

We take the guesswork out by bundling everything into one simple monthly price: from flea, tick & heart-worm medications, to vaccines and nail trimming, we got your furball covered.

Your vet at your fingertips

Our vets are a instant message away. Members get access to our 24/7 chat, email and phone support for anything life digs up.

What people are saying


The team at Furball went above and beyond to make sure my boxer was well taken care of.

Keri & Bruiser
Brentwood, TN


Rosa hates the vet, but I feel we are always going for one reason or another. A Saturday vet visit can put a dent in our family plans. Having the convenience of Furball come to our home has removed a stressful element from our lives.

Hillsboro Village


I needed and have been waiting for this! I don't have 1, but 2 high energy french bull dogs, Archer, and Pepper Jelly. Furball came to my house, took care of my boys, and just made it easy! I never leave a clinic visit and think how easy it was.

Sylvan Park

Why Furball?

How we strive to make the experience better

Local Clinic

Wait Time

Zero, Zip, Zilch, Nada


Time with Vet

40 min

15-20 min


One SIMPLE rate

You never know what to expect

Pet Stress

Friendly, Familiar Environment

Car Rides, Whinning, Waiting, Examination Room!

Contact in-between visit

Chat with our vets for free

I think my vet still uses AOL


Based on your schedule
In your home, outside of traditional hours

Why don't you just take off work for your appointment!


Yes, Lots
Yearly discounts, surgical discounts, Rx discounts


Medication Delivery

We got you covered

Ughh, by deliver do you mean go pick it up?

Happily serving greater Nashville, TN

Give them the care they deserve